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About Us
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About Us


We are the only internationally recognized coffee brand that belongs to coffee growers. Through royalty contributions to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, we are able to help improve living conditions, for our growers and their families.

In 2002, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, a nonprofit organization representing 540,000 coffee growing families tasked the Juan Valdez® brand with the mission of opening different businesses around the world to generate value for Colombia’s coffee growers. Ever since, the Juan Valdez® brand has been present in all sorts of venues specialty stores, shopping centers, dining rooms, airlines and online. The brand has a clear mission: To captivate the world with Premium Colombian coffee while generating value to Colombian coffee growers.

Today, the Juan Valdez® Cafe brand is proudly executing that mission and can be found in hundreds of coffee shops and retailers in 32 countries. Our stores give you the opportunity to experience the unique flavors and aromas of 100% Colombian coffee, including an appealing portfolio of single origin coffees. The Juan Valdez® Cafe brand represents the quality, values and traditions of Colombian coffee. Every cup sold helps support Colombian coffee growers and their families.

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